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The dog’s not gonna wash himself

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Someone who ran a community dog wash event once told me she’d encountered dogs that, she suspected, had never been washed before. That got me thinking. Maybe I could slack off more on washing the dog.

Standoff at Tryon Farm

Not that Ernie’s in any danger of a skin condition from frequent washing.I think the last time I scrubbed him was about nine months ago. Cleveland’s winters last about seven months, so that’s pretty good. I really can’t wash him in the cold weather, because that would involve using the bathtub. And then the bathtub becomes a hair bathtub.

Nobody wants to clean up that mess.

We’ll probably break down and give him a backyard bath in the next few weeks, and maybe a buzz cut. But I’m going to prolong it as long as I can.

One trick I’ve learned over the years to delay the inevitable: When the dog starts to get stinky, brush his teeth. That takes care of about 2/3s of the smell. Plus, it’s fun for kids to watch him smack his lips after he tastes the peppermint.

You could spring for chicken-flavored toothpaste at the pet store–but I recommend just using whatever you have in the medicine cabinet, then taking the money you’ve saved to buy him a nice chew toy. He’ll appreciate a squeaky plastic squirrel more than a hen amuse-bouche–and he’ll soon learn to embrace his minty-freshness.

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